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Not just gloves! UG Healthcare stocks a wide variety of other disposable products. We carry disposables from companies like Unipack and Dynarex, as well as hundreds of paper and cleaning products. Below are some of our most popular disposables. If you're looking for something, call us today and we will find it for you.

Bulldog Disposable Sheets

Excellent for EMS and Tattoo applications. Much stronger and tougher than traditional sheets. 

40"x 90" 

50 pcs per case

Bulldog Disposable Pillowcase

Made from the same bulldog tough material as our sheets.

21"x 30"

100 pcs per case

Unimask Facemasks

Latex free facemasks are high quality and cost effective. Perfect for dental applications.

10 boxes of 50 per case

High Quality Disposable Shoe Covers

Used in a wide variety of applications where keeping your dirty feet off the floor is important.

3 individually packaged dispenser boxes per case.

Bouffant Caps

Keep hair under control and out of critical environments with our high quality bouffant caps. 

10 packages of 100 pcs per case

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