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UG Healthcare began distribution of disposable products in 1987, making 2017 our 30th Anniversary! Thank you for your continued support!


Our offerings in the beginning were simple, the only questions back then were, "what size" and "how many cases?"  Today our product range has expanded from our original pre-powdered UniGloves Latex Exam Gloves to a full range of Gloves. We specialize in Natural Latex gloves as well as several Non-Latex Synthetics such as Nitrile and Vinyl. We offer only the highest quality gloves and have many colors, scents and thickness variations available to suit a wide range of applications. Our gloves range from inexpensive General Purpose gloves, to the very highest quality Examination Gloves, to our very popular Clean-Room Gloves designed for those critical applications where cleanliness is of the utmost concern.


In addition to our glove lines, we offer hundreds of other disposable products all stocked in our spacious Costa Mesa California warehouse.  We are proud to be a family business and we know how our customers expect and deserve to be treated.  We supply most of our customers on a next day basis. Our commitment to our customers is simple: you order supplies from us and in turn we do our absolute best to provide the best combination possible of quality, price and service. Simple as that!

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